Some english keywords with Lojban definitions

above above (gismu) abstract (unspecific) abstraction acceptance (attitudinal) according to achievative across activity event abstractor additive inverse adhesive affair after aftermath (in the aftermath of ) agreement (attitudinal) aggregate alcohol alertness all all but n all of almost all along with amphibian ammonia among and and then apart apparatus appreciation approache approval approximately area argument of predicate (bridi) artifact article as much as assemble associated with at most atom (physics) atom (general indivisible entity) attentive at the same place as authority (by) authors automatic autumn
balcony banana band bar bean because of because of motive because of reason become expert belief below beneath benefiting from beyond beyond (location tense relation/direction) billion (AM) binary metaphor bizarre black blade (weapon /tool) blue body book breath bridi implied by bridi logical affirmer broad bronze building bundle butterfly button by rule by the way
can and has cancel pro-assigns car carbon card capture category causal ...thereefore cause (agentiv) caution caution cave cell ceramic cessative characterized cheese chief choose clearly climb closed closeness clothing cluster cockroach coffee cold collect collide comes/goes comfortable comments (marker) company compelled by competence complaint completion (attitudinal) compose concept (abstract) conclusion consious context continious state of being true (state abstractor) contrary (scalar) control conversion (second) cook corner courage (attitudinal) create created by crew crime curious
dangerous date stamp day daytime dead deceive decide decimal point decorate deep defend define (I) evidential deleting selbri place desire destructive deviant difficult dim dimension direction direction referent direction toward speaker discover discovery (attitudinal) discover existence of disgusting disturber divided by doctor dog donkey doubt drama dream dress dull during dust dwell
each earlier utterance earth east east of easy effort ego eight embarrassed emphasize next encircle end end abstraction bridi end grammatical abstraction end indicator scope end linked sumti end modal selbri end of text (coding) end parenthesis energy engine enough equal equivalent value of error eternal evening evil exaggeration (attitudinal) example exhibit exist exist (logic object one) exist (logic object two) exist (logic object three) expand expect experience abstractor
fact fact understood by... fall false familiar familiar (attitudinal) far (away) from far away in time from faul fear feeling constraint female few fiction (work of) field figurative finger fires five following utterance for example forest four four-dimensional space interval fox fraction slash fresh fragile future
garden garment gather generalize (I) generalized event abstractor generously give goat god googol govern gram grand granting permission grateful greater than green grey group guess guilt gymnast
habitually hang happiness (attitudinal) harvest harsh healthy he/she/it/they #6 he/she/it/they #7 he/she/it/they #8 he/she/it/they #9 he/she/it/they #10 hearsay help here at hesitation noise holds up holy home hook hope hot hunt hydrogen
I conclude I observe ice if and only if implies important in other words in front of increase indicator scope indivisible infinite influences inhabit inside intent interest interruption invent
jab jet joining sentences joins relative clauses whic apply to the same sumti justice
keep kick knocks on know
lake lambda language large region of space last sumti law leader left left mathematical bracket left of letteral shift to Hebrew light like best live local volume unit lock logarithm logical because logical connective (afterthought) logical connective question word Lojban root word long long time long time ago long time interval love love (attitudinal) luna lures
magenta magic mail main male manual many marks end of logical prenex quantifiers married to material mathematics mature meaning meat medium region of space medium time medium time interval meet member of members of the set/components of the mass method method (by) mind minus sign military milliard (British) minus - misleads mistake modify money month moon (the) morning most motive mountain move movement in space (flag) movie much mysterious
near to necessary (something) nest new-font flag newly introduced information night nine nitrates nitrogen no less than noble nonintense north of north (the) northwardly nth nth position number
number to tense
object (material) obligation observe obtain ocean old one one-dimensional space interval ongoing right now only if on the one hand open oppose or or orange (color) outcome outward (location tense relation/direction) over and out ox oxygen
dim panorama particular partitions passing by patience pay payee percent performance persisting person pertains to petroleum piece plane plant plus + poem point poke polity position possesses postulate (i) precise predicate relationship predication present at pressure previous utterance pride principal probability problem process abstraction procreate prod produce projectile promise promise (gismu) proof property abstractor pseudo quantifier binding pure purple
quantity abstractor quantum question - tense;modal
rain read rebells receding from (location tense relation/direction) recent sumti beore the last one recent utterance reciprocal red referent of referent to some utterance regimented relative-clause (non restrictive) relativized sumti relevant to rely remorse remote future utterance remote past sumti repairs repeats 1st place of main bridi of this sentence repeats 2nd place of main bridi of this sentence repeats 3rd place of main bridi of this sentence repeats 4th place of main bridi of this sentence repeats 5th place of main bridi of this sentence replaced by request rescue resistant (firm/hard) respect atttudinal) respect respectively responsible restrained restrictive relative clause result resumption resurrect retain reverse of reverse Polish notation revolution rice right right mathematical bracket right of right (true) river rocket roger (ack) role room root rots run
saccharine sane (action) science scoop joiner (short) screw seal secret secure selbri to modal sell send sentence sentence continuation separates digits set link; unordered set of those that really are set space/time/modal default seven several simultaneous with shadow shape (conceptual) shell shoots short time short time interval simple single-word non-lojban name six soon utterance sow sky small region of space smell snow software soul sound space-time interval spring
stab star starch start start grammatical quotation start parenthesis starting point of steal steel stem strange stretch strong subgroup subset suffice sugary suggest suggestion summer sumti link sumti link more sumti tag question superfective (to long) superlative in property supposing surprise (attitudinal) surrender sweet sword
take tangential to tanru inversion tanru expansion/making of team technology behind temporary halt tempt tense to space termset afterthought therefore therefore result ... thick this utterance thousand three three-dimensional space interval togeterness too many towards tower transfer transmit transparent object travel tray tree tricks trillion truth thruth-value-abstractor turquoise two two-dimensional space interval typical one
under conditions understand uniquely universe unspecific math. operator unspecified bridi relationship unspecified modal until up/upward upwardly used by utter
verse vehicle vocative end
want wanted water waterfall weapon week welcome! well-known well-wish (exprimental) which is associated with which is the same thing as whole space interval wilco wild will win wing winter wise wolf wonder wonder (attitudinal) woodfire word write
yellow yield you and others young
zero (number) zero space direction