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A few Lojban texts

   sampu jufra Simple phrases simple sentences
   cmalu lisri short story from (CLL 10:93)
   bu'u lo kafybarja In the cafe'
   lo casnu Discussions
   la stika Sticks masterpiece
   lo se finti Genesis
   le cukta The book by H.P. Lovecraft
   le binxo The transformation by F.Kafka
   selpeicku Manifesto
   la melbi .e le ractu The beauty and the rabbit.
   lo dunda tricu The giving tree.
   ranmi be la .zeldas. The legend of Zelda
   le cmalu je xunre jipcyfe'i Red Hood

Collection of Lojban words, sentences and texts.
The wordlist is not complete. Many entries do have example-sentences with translations.
The collection is just a complement to all the excellent courses available and a way to learn in context.

Do you have proposals, sentences, texts: send hem as a raw textfile to the place described.

If you don't want your creation here, tell me in the way described.
I don't give any warrants about the absolute correctness, but I do my best.
And, if You find a mistake, then please send a message!

First goal for this collection is to have another place on the web where Lojban is present.
Second goal is to further my own learning, t.i. working with the language, to see words, sentences, texts in another context.
Third goal is to be an example of the proposal in our manifesto, which we relatively soon will try to translate into Lojban.
The coremessage is already in progress and there is a link to this early version above.
The Complete Lojban Language (CLL)
by John Woldemar Cowan

Slovlacukt (GoldenDict)